Collection: Medusa

The real story of Medusa may not be what you think it is - a quick google about Athena and Medusa throws up plenty of versions of the myth you think you know. 

We like to think of it as an evocative legend showing that women need to look out for and protect one another in a male dominated society. Athena was aware of Poseidon’s ‘hunger’ for Medusa and knew of Medusa’s vow of celibacy.

What if Athena’s curse on Medusa wasn’t a punishment at all, but an act of kindness and protection? The name itself, Medusa, even derives from an ancient Greek verb that means “protect and guard” which ties back to Athena’s attempt to protect Medusa from further unwanted male attention and abuse by giving her the ultimate power over men - the power to both punish and avoid the male gaze regardless of the rank or status of the man daring to look at her - and, in effect, creating the archetypal femme fatale: a fusion of femininity, erotic desire, protection, female empowerment, violence, and death.


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